Bueno, Bueno, Super Bueno…

All the things you’ve heard about Barcelona are true: beautiful architecture, relaxing siestas, people and road signs communicate in Catalan, fabulous seafood, great weather, great shopping, late night partying… all of that.  But none of it means anything unless you’ve experienced it yourself.  The near 3 days I spent there were ridiculously fun and exhausting.  […]

Barcelona Bound

After three straight days of finals folly, we’re leaving for Barcelona tonight taking the sleeper train.  Updates when I get back on Sunday night. 

First Day of Finals Hell

“Finals are coming…  Your girfriend left you…  You think you’re in hell?  Well, not being ready when judgement day arrives is the real hell!” – Bible-toting street evangelist at Berkeley’s Sather Gate I heard that quote 8 years ago, and it came rushing back today during my second exam.  Ok, so nothing drastic, only finals.  […]

Finals Are Coming!

Last day of class for P1 is tomorrow, and then three days of finals to finish it off.  Just firing off a few thoughts about the academic environment at INSEAD… I think I mentioned before that for our promotion here in Fontainebleau, we have about 300 students divided into four sections (Singapore has two).  Each […]

Day After

I’m in a muck.  The party last night was amazing, but hosting 400 people has left me with no energy now to write about it.  As a matter of fact, I should be writing my Leading People and Groups paper due tomorrow instead of blogging.  Argh… need recovery time!

Free Culture Tour

Just a brief posting.  One of my friends at INSEAD, Colin Mutchler put on his Free Culture Tour performance at amphi A today.  This guy is truly talented as he played the guitar, sang his own tunes, and ran a slide show of his photography (along with his remixes of other people’s work) that conveyed […]

Heaven and Hell

We at the chateau have been busting our chops prepping for the upcoming party this Saturday.  So dearth of postings and sleep for the foreseeable future.  If you’re in the area, I hope to see you there.  If not, well, too bad you’re going to miss out on the largest INSEAD party this year. 

Sunday Afternoon in Paris

Yesterday I revisited one of my favorite activities – reading and studying in a cafe – in Paris. When I woke up and I looked outside, I realized that I had to take advantage of the absolutely perfect weather, in the city. We pass up too many opportunities to explore Paris with the lame excuse […]

Cena Italiana (Italian Dinner)

Two Thursday nights ago, our resident Italian delivered on his promise to follow up on our French wine and cheese dinner back in August. His parents having visited recently, he stockpiled on some very hard to obtain goods from his hometown of Bergamo. The guy toiled over the dinner preparations on a busy night (before […]

Monty Team Party

To celebrate the end of our grueling week of midterms and relentless course work, my French neighbor suggested a brilliant idea – inviting all the team members of all the residents of Montmélian for a Friday night dinner social. Although we’ve been inviting people from various houses over for dinner on many occasions, we’ve never […]

National Weeks – Lebanese Week

Continuing with my previous post, I was saying that one of INSEAD’s great traditions is the national weeks run by different students. Throughout the week, the students organize a ton of activities related to their nationalities. Usually there are corporate sponsors that support us, as well as some budget allocated by the student council (so […]