Singing in the Rain

I walked into my Shaping Consumer Behavior class the other morning, and I recognized this song within 2 seconds.  It happens to be a remix of the classic “Singing in the Rain”, played in one of VW's television advertisments.  It also happens to be one of my favorite ads, one that never aired where I […]


It's not everyday you get to enjoy a weekend on a private island with 25 of your friends.  The only drawback is coming back.  I look out the window from the 18th floor of my Singaporean high rise only to see the gloomy rain drizzle down, and with Roxette playing in the background, I think […]

P3 Thoughts

10 days into P4, I finally post after getting dominated by last period.  Even though it lasted only 7 weeks, it was the most intense period for me from an academic perspective.  Not because grades matter; at this point I only care about learning.  Being the first time electives were offered, the period gave us […]