Leaving NY

Since last night, it’s been a utter sense of deja vu, with twice the misery. Last night, in my empty apartment (roomy moved out on Sat), with all my stuff packed, the utter sense of unhappiness was overwhelming. I couldn’t wait to leave this place in its current state. So after a sleepless night tossing […]

Times on Stewart

I didn’t say much about my visit to the Daily Show other than express how much I enjoyed it. I recently stumbled across this article in the NYT that sheds good insight into his show and how he operates. If you’re even remotely a fan of Jon Stewart, go check it out. We can only […]

Global Business of Sports

Since hooked on the Olympics over the last weeks, reading this recent Economist article on the business of global sports put me in a pensive mood, about myself and the economics of sports, locally and worldwide. After all, the very nature of sports appeals to all people, regardless of ethnic lines. Compared to other forms […]

Dark Knight Take 2

Here I am, adding to all the hype of the record setting Dark Knight.  When it first came out, I settled for watching it in a normal theater.  After waiting for weeks, we finally scored tickets for the lone IMAX theater in Manhattan. (On a side note, I can’t imagine the wonders IMAX has done […]

Museum Hopping

The best excuse for getting off my butt to seeing all the exhibits in town is to have visitors. Luckily for me, I leveraged that into seeing three exhibits over the past week. The picture below of Dali was taken on a crazy Friday night at MoMA. Crazy because I scrooged it for the free […]

Olympic Frenzy

Didn’t expect to get caught up into the hype, but found myself inevitable drawn into it. Can I rave enough about the opening ceremony? The show they put on Friday night blew away all expectations. After watching it, I felt so happy for the hosts and people who obviously worked so hard to make it […]

Jon Stewart Uncensored

The man is great on his show, but even better in person. To see him live, mouthing off, interacting with the audience in his Q&A session was simply fantastic. And yes, he is very short.