Fundraising Communications

Be concise, not precise. Fundraising talk is hard. It’s a special combination of lingo, body language, and force of personality. The above advice is from one of the speakers at AngelPad. You can’t get wordy with investors early on, no matter how complex or nuanced the business, because if you get tuned out quickly you […]

Pizzas and Pivots

Allow me to tap into consulting lingo and introduce the two P’s of AngelPad: pizzas and pivots. We do a lot of both, perhaps obsessively so.   One of the differences to previous classes here is the mentors’ deliberate push to validate and fine tune, more relentlessly than other cohorts. The main reason for us […]

Validating Startup Assumptions

Last week I mentioned getting challenged on assumption validation. What better way to begin than with Steve Blank‘s favorite saying: Get out of the building. Smart people have a tendency to make assumptions about too many important variables, such as how customers will react to their products, how big the market can be, how to […]

AngelPad Weekly

I’m announcing a new weekly series on this blog covering my startup UbiSocio. Since launching last year, the hardest aspect writing about it is sharing details when the state of the company or product isn’t ready for the public. However, with the honor of joining the AngelPad program started last week, I think it’ll be […]