JL Scribbles


Hobbies are back again, at least for me. During the pandemic I leaned back into my passion for the NBA. It distracted me from family tragedy. Games were back on and I could stream any game from any team. The cottage industry around it has grown so much beyond my childhood. Today we have podcasts, fantasy, NFTs, and let's not forget NBA twitter. Back in the day it was only public broadcasts of select games, and a monthly SI magazine with a few articles.

The great thing about hobbies is there's no goal or personal development intention. I'm not training for an ironman. It's living whatever it is you're into. Just as I was observing my leaning into these interests, I came across Oliver Burkeman's Four Thousand Weeks chapter on the topic. Simply wonderful.

Some new hobbies for me... Always enjoyed cooking as a way to decompress and began grilling. Inspired by a recent trip with friends where the villa provided ceramic grills, I thought why not dive, nay wade, into this realm. Again, a new world, with endless YouTube tutorials and equipment to facilitate even the most clueless. But I'm not aiming to become a grill master. I merely enjoy the process.

Also, reviving this blog. I'll write on a whim, for the sake of it, and not for readership (no offense my friends). Without any stakes in mind, there's no need for tracking important or current topics for me to opine on. I'll write as the desire to arises.