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The Bear

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It's rare to find a good drama centered around the theme of restaurant dining. I luckily came across The Bear from hearing about it on some random podcast. I binged the recent season 2 on a long haul flight and it was excellent. There were obviously a few standout episodes, one epic star studded episode around the dysfunctional family that made me cringe, while also hitting too close to home on my own experiences. The set of actors performing that one episode is worth watching on its own.

Then another episode describing the pursuit of perfection in 3-michelin star restaurants. I wouldn't be an advocate of OCD, but I do love a deep attention to detail. If you can obsess over something that happens to be part of your profession, then that craftsmanship actually translates to something productive.

For those looking for something different and enjoy the misery of the restaurant business, I highly recommend this bite sized series.