JL Scribbles

Women's World Cup 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed this WC, despite not being able to watch many of the games live. They were compelling and entertaining, which is the most important factor in advancing the game's popularity, and in turn, opportunities for women and surrounding infrastructure in this field.

For some inexplicable reason, the woman's WC has always been interesting to me. I attended my first and only in-person game in 1999 at Stanford Stadium. It was convenient location wise and I took my then girlfriend. Since then, its 4-year cycle lets a non-soccer person like me to get excited and feel stress free about summer tv viewing.

Now with a young daughter and taking her to weekly Sunday practices, I've gained a greater appreciation for the game; the commitment from the players, coaches, parents, and everything required to achieve any degree of note.

I expect these many up-and coming countries to further invest in developing their youths. This was highlighted by Spain's professional clubs, resulting in La Roja's champion showing. This bodes well for all the professional leagues around the world. I'm very much looking forward to the games to come (ahem USNWT in France next year).